I Can Make You Feel Better

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I Can Make You Feel Better
Jaxton Wheeler has come to Dr. Anthony Bennett because he has injured his hand and asks to be examined. Dr. Anthony starts to do a routine on Jaxton and then things take a turn when he starts rubbing his cock and sucking it. Cesar Rossi wants to go for a run but his lower back has been hurting him lately. Chandler Scott offers to rub it to make him feel better. He takes off Cesar’s running shorts to get a better position and soon his hands start wandering to his ass. James Stevens is in the locker room when Dax Carter walks in covered in sweat. They share a little talk and James asks how he gets his muscles so big. Dax loves the attention, he pulls off his shorts and shows James his huge meaty ass perfectly outlined by his jock-strap. Rego Bello is annoyed when he sees Julian Knowles has been sleeping all day while he was at work. Sensing his frustration, Julian puts on the charm and starts making out with Rego. Soon, both are naked and passionately making love to each other.
Studio: Pride Studios
Director: Gio Caruso


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I Can Make You Feel Better



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