I Won’t Tell Your Girlfriend

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I Won't Tell Your Girlfriend
A lot of what keeps straight guys away from experimenting with cock and ass is worrying about what people would think of them if they found out. Almost all of them are curious, though. If you can erase their anxiety about people finding out, they are fair game. Usually a few drinks help, but sometimes it’s as simple as reassuring them that their buddies or girlfriend won’t ever find out. That promise usually works, and if it doesn’t, a little spending money can go a long way as well. Part of what we do here at Raunchy Bastards is gain some trust first, then just let these straight bros explore their curiousities as much as they like. Nine times out of ten they end up loving the head, and even better – fucking a tight ass bareback. We know they really like it, even if they say they don’t. How do we know? Their cocks are rock hard and they cum buckets!


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I Won’t Tell Your Girlfriend



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