Jackson Fillmore Vs Scott DeMarco

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Jackson Fillmore Vs Scott DeMarco
Representing red team, Scott DeMarco promises to fuck Jackson Fillmore all over the mat like a rag-doll. Jackson Fillmore is here today for blue and vows to blow his load all over Scott once he beats him in the rounds. Jackson leverages his flexibility against the newcomer, wrapping his legs tight against Scott’s body and pushing his cock into Scott’s face. Scott’s
energy meanwhile keeps Jackson on his toes, racking up sex points with his fingers up Jackson’s hole. The winner finishes with a dominating lead and takes the loser for a pony ride before spanking the loser’s ass lobster red. Once his cheeks are tenderized, the winner plows into the loser’s pitiful hole and makes him wish he practiced more. The loser has his face glazed with victorious cum before the winner throws him into a choke-hold commands him to milk a load from his own cock. The winner mops up the cum with his anklet and stuffs it into the loser’s mouth.
Studio: KinkMen
Naked Kombat
Director: Van Darkholme


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Jackson Fillmore Vs Scott DeMarco



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