Jason Styles Vs. Brian Bonds

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Jason Styles Vs. Brian Bonds
Facing off like two chiseled Greek sculptures, Brian Bonds stares down Jason Styles. Jason knows he’ll take victory because of his ripped bod and wrestling experience, but Brian is ready to take the win and Jason’s ass — “fuck ’em until he cries.” The first round starts with a heavy slam and Jason’s early control, but the points start flying in both directions when
Bryan’s long legs wrap a punishing lock around Jason. By the second round, all the sweaty action leaves our contenders with raging boners as they try to pound and humiliate their way to victory. The winner wastes no time making his opponent choke on his triumphant dick. The loser gets tossed to the floor and worships the winner’s feet while his ass is slapped and violated. Bound and gagged, the loser takes a huge dildo up his ass to prepare for a huge cock. After the winner ravages the loser’s hole he coats the loser’s abs in hot cum and milks a load from his pitiful dick.
Studio: KinkMen
Naked Kombat
Director: Van Darkholme


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Jason Styles Vs. Brian Bonds



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