Jay Diamond Gets Worked Over

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Jay Diamond Gets Worked Over
Jay Diamond is a very interesting 25 year old straight guy. He is a MMA Cage fighter with a great record and is totally devoted to the sport. He works out, practices sparring and stays true to his diet which shows in his magnificent physique. But Jay has another side: he is kinky as shit and wants to experience any fetish he can. Though basically straight, he is open minded enough to really get off working with Mark Gemini. As he does anything Mark asks him to do, the shoots have gotten more and more intense expanding this hetero stud’s limits. And this video will take him beyond his comfort zone as he is handcuffed, blindfolded, gagged and strung up. He is molested by hands that go all over his body subjecting him to tugging, poking and slapping. After some intense games with clothes pins applied to his tender nipples, armpits and torso, his balls are cupped, squeezed and pulled which makes his cock get rock hard. Next his ass is violated roughly with fingers and toys. He squirms and winces in agony as he is fucked with a latex probe and a silver bullet vibrator. On his knees the hapless warrior is conquered and made to submit sacrificing his tight hole. Just when his agony is turning to pleasure, a large red butt plug replaces the vibrator causing him much discomfort. A candle is shoved rudely up his butt and lit so hot wax runs down to sensitive skin. He is made to fuck himself with a larger black dildo which he does with amazing pleasure. Jay shoots streams of hot cum up his chest almost to his face, but he might as well have hit his face because he is made to eat his own jizz and keep the dildo in his sore ass. When he is at last allowed to remove the intruder and stand up, the cum runs down his torso to his still hard cock. His ordeal over, Jay hits the showers and reflects on his new experience.
Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini
Starring:Jay Diamond


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Jay Diamond Gets Worked Over



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