Jay, Rony And Andrew

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Jay, Rony And Andrew
Jay and Andrew invited Rony to their apartment, wanting a taste of his cock and ass. Andrew releases Rony’s big black dick and goes down on it. Then Jay sucks Rony, while he services Andrew’s huge black cock. Jay wants to get fucked and lowers himself onto Rony, while Andrew sucks his nipples, and Rony strokes his dick. Then Andrew takes his turn riding Rony, as Jay strokes his dick. Andrew bends over the sofa and Rony’s balls slap his ass, as he pounds deep into that black ass. Jay sucks on Andrew, while he bounces on Rony’s black meat. Then lays on his side and Rony fucks him raw. Andrew shoots his cum all over Jay’s fingers and Jay licks it up. The smell of cum makes Rony unload on Andrew, and Jay licks his cock clean. Finally, Jay jerks himself off, adding his own jizz to the mess.
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Jay, Rony And Andrew



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