Jim Goldson, Kyle Wolfe, Jared Smith, Bob Bobson

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We are greeted by a group of four guys who appear to be held up. It then turns into two of the mans stripping and the other two mouthing their dicks and playing with themselves as they do so. Then the other two undress and they end up on a couch with one dude sucking anothers’ dong and that one blowing anothers dick and they just make a long meatstick sucking train. Then two of the guys climb on top of the other two and start riding with their asses hard and fast. They then switch positions and continue to butt fuck each other and suck each other off while also jerking off or jerking the other dude off. They keep ass fucking and sucking for a while.


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Jim Goldson, Kyle Wolfe, Jared Smith, Bob Bobson



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