Johnson And Johnsons

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Johnson And Johnsons
When Sterling Johnson needs some big johnson up his ass he calls in the big guns. Landon Kovak is first on the scene and quickly goes to eating sterling’s sweet ass. After much foreplay and frottage Landon begins fucking Sterling. The duo is eventually joined by Dalton Dawg whose beercan cock is quickly shoved into Sterlings asshole. Sterling loves being spit roasted as he sucks and gets fucked as the men take turns on him. Steve Sommers then enters the gang bang and gets his turn. Sterling gets up on dalton and rides his cock then Steve slides his cock in to double penetrate him. Sterling rides a huge load out of Dalton when Cesar Xes enters the room ready to fuck him. Landon is next to fill Sterlings hole with a creamy load and Cesar jumps on to use it as his lube to bust his big juicy nut followed by Steve. When it is all over Victor Cody comes in and sucks a delicious load out of Sterling, eating every drop before squirting a big load out of his own Johnson for Johnson.
Director: Victor Cody


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Johnson And Johnsons



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