Joris And Jack

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Joris And Jack
We join Daddy Joris and his cute twink Jack making out in their underwear. Jack starts playing with his daddy’s dick and soon has it in his mouth. After giving his hairy man a good blowjob, the two pause, so young Jack can open his Christmas gift. It’s a new dildo, which explains Daddy’s timing. After playing with the boy’s fine looking little bubble butt, Daddy bends Jack over and works the anal toy into his tight hole. Once he’s got Jack warmed up, Joris replaces the toy with his big stiff cock and bareback fucks the boy from behind. A position change has young Jack taking a raw ride on that Latin meat, until Joris is ready to pump his cum load onto the boy’s face. Finally, Jack sucks his Daddy’s cock dry, while he strokes out a load that splatters onto the floor.


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Joris And Jack



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