Josh V. Jason

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Josh V. Jason
Two first timers on today’s Top Cock: Jason Styles and Josh Conners, both gearing up to fight their way to glorious fucking. With MMA training under his belt, Jason feels more than cocky about taking his opponent down in style and fucking his ass. Josh laughs off Jason, confident that his gymnastic, flexible body will break any hold and flip the game on his opponent. After a wild and sweaty match, the winner delivers a humiliating victory round to his opponent. The loser is thrown from a rough blowjob to a face-smothering rimjob. The winner makes the loser ride his triumphant cock and has him beg for harder and harder pounding. When the dust
settles, the loser is left covered in a gallon of cum.
Studio: KinkMen
Naked Kombat


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Josh V. Jason



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