Just For You

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Just For You
Colby has been putting in some long hours managing the business to keep operations at Colby Knox running smoothly for their fans. Mickey wanted to do something special and give him a much needed break from the workload in the office. Like any good husband, he knows what his man wants so he turns to grindr to find a fresh hot ass to make a house call. Mickey soon finds Grayson Lange, the perfect boy with a big cock and an insatiable ass for fucking. Grayson likes what he sees and agrees to bring that hot ass for an afternoon office delivery. Mickey gives him directions to the office with instructions to knock on the door and when a Colby answers, asks him to bend him over and give him his load. A surprised Colby is happy to offer up his big cock to a hot mouth and tight ass from a complete stranger.
Studio: Colby Knox
Director: Colby Knox


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Just For You



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