Kaden Roads, Jayden Keyes and Ryan Patrick

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There are some fantastic oral and backdoor positions in this slutty three-way fuck. Young guy Kaden is hanging out by the washing line, sniffing the other guy’s dirty underpants, when he gets busted by Jayden and Ryan. The two studs tease the embarrassed young dude – and then they tell him to get down on his knees and start mouthing them! This kicks off a three way of epic proportions, as these inventive young studs go wild on each others’ weiners and assholes. At one point, Jayden stands proudly as Kaden sucks him off from the front while Ryan spreads his rump cheeks and licks his butt from the rear; later the same guy takes a hard spit roasting!


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Kaden Roads, Jayden Keyes and Ryan Patrick



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