Landon Drilling Topher

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Landon Drilling Topher
This scene opens with Topher worshiping Landon’s thick meat and big furry balls. Topher continues to suck and lick Landon’s meat and balls before moving on to his amazing furry hole. Landon enjoys a good rim job before the tables are turned. Landon is eating out Topher when neither can take it any longer and Landon drives his hard thick cock into Topher’s wet ass. Landon bends Topher over and starts drilling him good, hard, and deep. Sweat is rolling off these two as they grunt and groan with each thrust. Then Topher takes a ride on Landon’s rod before Landon flips Topher on his back and tears it up. Topher screams, moans, begs, and Landon delivers a powerful top performance, sweating and swearing all the way. Landon then has Topher on all fours on the box, pounding hard until Topher begs for his cum. Landon pulls out and shoots a huge thick load all over Topher’s sweaty furry hole and drives it back in, breeding him good. After pulling out, Topher stands, cleans up Landon’s cock and then cleans up the cum off the dirty floor like a good little pig.


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Landon Drilling Topher



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