Levi Brooks’ Toy Box

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Levi Brooks' Toy Box
21 year old Levi is cute as fuck with his tanned smooth body honed by outdoor work, handsome face, unruly strawberry blond hair and ready smile. But when he strips and you see his big cock, which is also always ready, the whole package is irresistible! This was his second toy shoot and he went through the entire toy box. After showing you his tight pink hole, with its little ring of hair, he gets his big cock hard. Then he gets fingered and finger fucks himself in preparation for what’s to come. His first toy is a 10” metallic vibrator which he takes almost completely jacking his hard cock as he enjoys the new sensation. Next is a big red butt plug which he tries in several positions to experience different angles of penetration. Feeling so good, Levi is reluctant to de-plug, until Mark explains his next toy is a glass butt plug and that the heavier toy will give him a more intense pleasure.

With his hole sufficiently stretched, Levi shoves a beer bottle in his butt as he jacks his rock hard cock. When he pulls the bottle out, his gaping asshole is ready for more. That hunger is soothed by a very big fresh green zucchini! Yes, Levi takes the natural dildo and works it deep in his hole causing him to experience a new level of sexual intensity. He accentuates his pleasure with clothes pins on his nipples as he takes firm hold of his rock hard cock and jacks it to a multi spurt gooey climax on his chest. Scooping some fresh cum in his fingers, he tastes his own jizz. Exhausted but happy, Levi shows you his ravaged butt hole and vows to continue his sexual odyssey. And we can’t wait….

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini
Starring:Levi Brooks


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Levi Brooks’ Toy Box



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