Link And Big John

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Link And Big John
The first scene has Link playing with a lot of toys to get ready for Big John. He starts out small and goes big…real big. Working his way through fingers, vibrators, beer bottles, and zucchinis before surrendering his ass to the 12” ManRammer dildo! The faux cock makes him shoot like a gun! Mark left in some behind the scenes footage of this hot shoot!

Mark took Link to a toy store and Big John is the dildo he picked out. When they got back to the studio, Link hopped in the shower to do a cleansing enema before assaulting his bum with a vibrator. He sticks Big John to the wall and slowly eases his tight ass onto the huge toy. This scene isn’t long because the toy made him cum real hard and real soon! He finishes with a long hot shower and we get to watch!

In the third scene Link wants to ride Big John. Before he can, he stretches his hole with a vibrator and then starts to work the huge toy into his ass. He has to kick back on the floor to get it all, but he succeeds! Next you get to see him ride the toy from the front and the back which is pretty amazing as it’s about the same size as his thigh! Getting serious he slaps some clothes pins on his nipples for an added sensation and rides his toy with long stokes going deeper and deeper. He shoots a big load in his hand and….well, you’ll just have to watch!

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini
Starring:Big John


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Link And Big John



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