Mark – Just Desserts

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Mark - Just Desserts
Mark Johnson is a 24-year-old blonde athlete who lives near the University of Minnesota. Jared has been sent out by his master, who is at his winter home in the desert, to find just such a boy to fuck. Jared’s master will enjoy the show in full, giving Jared instructions live, just as if he were there. Jared knows his master will love Mark’s natural physique. The boy has the body of an athlete, not a gym rat, with naturally smooth skin and thick, long hair, usually worn in a “man bun” but now hanging free. But that will be revealed later. Right now Mark stands in the dungeon, chained to the ceiling and floor, fully clothed but gagged and hooded. He is shocked by the loud voice that fills the room. “Rip off his shirt,” the voice demands. And his commands are followed. The electric prod and whip will come in a few minutes. Then, the boy will cum – not once but twice – after a series of commands including a severe single tail whipping and hanging from the cross for hours on end.
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Starring:Mark Johnson


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Mark – Just Desserts



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