Mater And Frankie

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Mater And Frankie
We look in on young Frankie as he prepares to give the more mature Mater a sensual massage. Frankie has a thing for older guys and quickly makes it clear this session is going to include more than a back rub. The boy massages Mater’s big cock and then goes down on it. While sucking that dick Frankie can feel his asshole being probed, signaling the end of oral. He bends over the massage table and Mater fucks his skinny ass from behind. Frankie takes every inch of that big stiff dick and then the two pause for some ass licking and wet cock sucking. Finally, with Frankie face down on the table, Mater delivers one last round of barebacking massage, before its time to hit the showers.


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Mater And Frankie



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