Max Summers V. Garrett Felado And Tattooed Junior

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Max Summers V. Garrett Felado And Tattooed Junior
Garrett and Junior are prisoners and are fighting for their life inside prison. They are very angry and desperate because they haven’t eaten for two days. Sadistic guard Max arrives with two bowls of “pig-wash”. The guys stop fighting and ask the hunky guard for food. Max doesn’t give it to them and with an evil smile on his mouth he spits in it and pulls out his dick and mixes the food with it. The prisoners, upon seeing this, become super mad. They shake the bars and call the guard “Motherfucker!!”. Max decides to discipline the guys. He unlocks the door and enters to punish the guys with policeman’s nightstick. The prisoners unarm the cocky, wise-ass guard and a wrestling session starts between the two smaller prisoners and the one giant muscleman. They undress Max who is trying to keep up with them. Max at 6’5″, 260 lbs is still no match against the 2 smaller but equally muscled prisoners. Max lifts up Junior often and throws him onto Garrett as if he was throwing a ragdoll !! Lots of nice and very intense 2-on-1 wrestling action follows. Sometimes, Max knocks out one of the prisoners for a few minutes and fights only with one of them. However, when the two prisoners are conscious, they punish Max and push him to his limits. At one point, the prisoners feed the pig-wash to Max ! One holds him while the other gut punches and nipple/ball punishes the giant. They push the nightstick into his ass and laugh at the cocky guard. Finally the giant guard has to suck the prisoners’ cocks. 2 cocks in one mouth – HOT !!
Director: Roland Dane


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Max Summers V. Garrett Felado And Tattooed Junior



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