Measuring Up

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Measuring Up cover

The best thug porn in the world! Cum pigs break the tape measure with their big dicks and its a hard call to decide who wins the title of biggest, baddest dicksman in Measuring Up. Theres so many inches of stiff competition between super sexy Jovannie, muscular top man Shaft, cocksman Sho-Nuff and pile-driving Run 30 that their lucky bottoms have nothing to complain about.
Theres enough French kissing, ass rimming, ball sucking, cock swallowing, hardcore fucking and cum spurting action in this movie to turn a straight man gay!

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This ass-fucking thug clip from Measuring Up by Pitbull Productions features some of the hot, sweaty, and well-muscled ass-fucking action to be found in this movie.

Categories: Safe Sex Thug Anal Big Dick Black

Scene Number: 4

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Pitbull Productions


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Measuring Up



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