Michael Del Ray – Cocky Boy

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Michael Del Ray - Cocky Boy
Michael Del Ray is a beautiful, cocky, young stud with a big mouth who likes to taunt other men for fun – often using anti-gay slurs to hide his own gay fantasies. Master Jared wants to teach this arrogant little punk a lesson. After capturing the boy off the street, Jared finally has Michael right where he wants him – in his dungeon. Starting by removing Michael’s clothes, Jared then crops the boy’s stomach and sensitive nipples before attaching clothespins to the young man’s cock. The stud screams in agony. Finally, Michael begins to lose the cocky-boy attitude. “You’re going to show me some cum if you want this to stop!” Jared demands, releasing one of Michael’s hands from his binds. Michael does as he’s told and shoots an impressive load onto the floor – but things aren’t over for the arrogant punk. Now, Michael is moved to the fuck-bench, where he’s tightly secured and then fucked with a massive dildo. Then Jared shoves his cock into Michael’s mouth, throat fucking the boy. Soon, Jared shoots a thick load all over Michael’s cheek. Now, Michael is brutally beaten with the single tail whip – if that wasn’t enough for the boy, he then has a heavy weight attached to his cock and balls. After enduring it all, Michael must cum once more. He doesn’t fail to impress.
Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Starring:Michael Del Ray


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Michael Del Ray – Cocky Boy



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