More Cream And More Ass 2: Sperm Deposits

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More Cream And More Ass 2: Sperm Deposits
If you are a cum lover and if you like hot, steamy real man juice being pumped up your ass or down your throat or shot all over you, then this is the movie for you. If you like having a hot man feed you his load and breed you with his hot, white, milky cum. If you like giving it or taking it raw and enjoy load after load from the hottest hardest throbbing pieces of man meat, then “More Cream And More Ass 2: Sperm Deposits” will have you poppin’ your load for hours.

Hot raw mansex and non-stop jizz oozin’ from insatiable cocks is the hallmark of this cum-saturated film. Whether you call it “cum”, “man juice”, “splooge”, “tasty cream”, “jizz” or “jism”…. Hot Desert Knights has put it all together, JUST FOR ALL YOU CUM LOVERS, a collection of CUM SHOTS you won’t want to miss. Pace yourself and follow along as you watch one hot EXPLODING and SPLATTERING CUM SHOT after the other in the hottest HDK action scenes ever put together.

Definitely a film that all cum fans will want to add to their library.

Director: Wade Lincoln


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More Cream And More Ass 2: Sperm Deposits



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