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I love young smooth guys as much as the next perv, but I actually prefer the ones that are precocious for their age in that they get into more of the nasty side of sex. So when a European producer, Per Mzon approached us about filming the new EuroSpunk line, we said “Yeah you’ve got some beautiful boys, but give us the ones who are truly NASTY.” And so Nasty Piss Boys was created. Our producer combed the streets of his native Slovakia along with the Czech Republic, to find young guys who were not only hot, but got into most every fetish imaginable. These boys bareback, eat cum, lick feet, flog each other, and of course wash each other down with gallons of hot yellow juice.

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That’s right, you guessed it. Nasty Piss Boys is all about nasty boys pissing all over each other- bathing in piss to their heart’s content. Spunk Video gets these nasty boys to cum together for us.

Categories: Anal Uncut Bareback Gay Euro Pissing Fetish

Scene Number: 1

Orientation: Gay

Studio Name: Spunk Video


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