Nikola and Momir

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Two guys in tore blue jeans making out on a couch. There’s nothing hotter. Until they lose the jeans and move into some smoldering cock-eating action. Sale sucks Nikola’s meatstick slowly, working up to a nice, steady pumping speed, really relishing the meat. Pretty soon Nikola is working his penis inside Sale’s ass – just as gay sex slow – but the action heats up QUICKLY and Sale rides Nikola’s sausage like a merry-go-round, facing the front then riding Nikola face to face, working that pecker with his rectum like there was no tomorrow! This slutty frat boy KNOWS who to take a dick and he’s even BETTER at taking a molten hot serving of spooge, which he graciously switchs back to a gay blowjob very banged-out Nikola in a really horny oral climax not to be missed!

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Nikola and Momir

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