No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 50

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No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 50
Petr Cisler and Nikol Monak are paired for a submission wrestling match. They start,wearing just underwear, doing some exercises to warm up. Then they start the match, quickly rolling all over the mats as they strain to get a grip on each other. Nikol manages a good neck hold and quickly manages a submission. Then they remove their underwear to wrestle naked. With cocks and asses on show, it is Petr who gains the next point. Their sexy bodies look so good as they grapple with each other, and Nikol manages another good neck hold to win round three. They each take a drink and then it is back to the wrestling. Cocks flail and asses spread as they roll over the mats grappling with each other. They both work hard, straining to get a decent hold and it takes a while for Nikol to begin to open up a lead, and then start to extend it. Petr resorts to some ball grabbing as a response to falling behind and that gains him another point. But it doesn’t continue that way as Nikol opens up a five point lead to 8.3. Then they take a break to oil each other all over. When the match resumes, with bodies glistening with oil and sweat, they both gain another point before Nikol manages to complete the victory. Then they settle down for a wank off, getting their cocks nice and hard. They also wank each the other for a while too. Then wanking hard and fast it is Petr who manages to shoot his load first, dumping his cum on the wrestling mats. Nikol keeps wanking until he too shoots his hot load. Then they clean each other’s cock and go off to the shower to clean up.
Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 50



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