No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 51

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No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 51
Mirek Madl and Alex Bonera are paired together for a submission wrestling match. They start off doing some warming up, with a fitness routine. They are naked as they work out and then they arm wrestle too. When they are ready for the match they put on their underwear, but it will soon come off again.

We have a great pairing in a wrestling match. Bradley Cook and Michael Red are both very well built guys. They start off with some warming up. Then it is onto the match, with the guys quickly down on the mats grappling to gain an advantage. It is Bradley who prevails and wins the first point. Then the underwear comes off before they resume the match. Bare-assed they get to grips with each other again, as cocks flair too. Bradely’s massive cock flops around a lot as Michael tries to get his first score on the board. He does just that in round three.

Jaro Vykvet and Roman Hendrik are paired in a submission wrestling match. They start by warming up with some stretching exercises and running. Then they get right into the wresting and are quickly rolling around on the floor. Jaro is the first to submit giving Roman a point. Then each guy removes his underwear as they begin round two. Cocks flail as they continue the wrestling with Roman able to gain another point fairly quickly. He is soon on his back and looking vulnerable to Jaro as they restart, but he still manages to make the submission to take a 3 point lead. Roman is not about to give up though and strains his muscles to the limit in the next round and is rewarded with his first point. His ass is on show nicely as he kneels over the recumbent Roman in round five.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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No Holds Barred Nude Wrestling 51



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