Oral Exchange With Brez And Myles

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Oral Exchange With Brez And Myles
Normally we’d be airing a solo today, but we thought we’d shake things up a bit and bring in two familiar faces for something a little different. If any of you lot are especially into blowjobs, this update is for you. Myles Andrews and Brez Wild are two of the more enthusiastic cocksuckers we know and they were all too keen to come in and shoot an all oral scene for us!

Brez and Myles’ hardending cocks strain against their briefs as they undress, kissing and feeling each other up as they do. “You ready to get your dick sucked'” Brez hardly takes a breath before replying, “definitely.” Myles sucks down Brez’ uncut cock, feeling it stiffen in his throat as he works it over. Brez is a generous lad, though, and he’s quick to get on his knees so he can return the favour.

It’s Brez who takes it to the next level; he lays back on the bed so Myles can fuck his face. Myles leans forward so he can wrap his lips around Brez’ meat while sliding his own down the other lad’s throat. After they 69, with their cocks slick with spit, Brez and Myles take turns shooting their loads all over each other’s chests.

Director: Blake Mason


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Oral Exchange With Brez And Myles



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