Perfect Form

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Perfect Form
Half the fun of going to the gym is walking around and noticing all the other hot jocks working out and imagining the kind of fun you could be having with them. This week’s new gay porn release from the boys of ColbyKnox, involves exactly that kind of fantasy. We join Colby Chambers working out at the gym when his focus is completely derailed by a shaggy blonde angel he’s seeing for the first time. Robin Moore has a sense that Colby’s eyes are on him, but continues to do his workout as if nothing is going on. It’s hard not to notice that he has an admirer as Colby is following him around the gym and keeps ending up on the workout machine beside him. When he makes his way to the locker room to undress for his after workout soak, Colby Chambers is still following close behind him. Robin takes a seat on the edge of the hot tub for his post workout routine when Colby takes a seat beside him in a sexy pair of briefs. Robin isn’t all that surprised when Colby starts a conversation in the hot tub and then asks him back to his house for an after workout fuck instead. Once they get someplace more private, Colby doesn’t waste much time in unveiling Robin’s perfect plump bubble butt and salivating over it as he strokes his rock hard cock. Robin had imagined what it would be like to suck Colby’s dick as he was staring at it through his shorts at the gym, and he’s loves this reality even more than the fantasy. Colby can’t wait long before moving on to Robin’s thick thighs and perfect ass. These two studs quickly realize that a good jack strap and a tight ass beat a gym workout any day of the week. This gay porn video is a must see as we can all relate to wanting to bring home a piece of gym meat for a private workout.
Studio: Colby Knox
Director: Colby Knox


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Perfect Form



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