Private Auditions: Gavin Shye

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Private Auditions: Gavin Shye
Gavin is anything but shy, that’s for sure. Gavin comes from a Military family and moved to San Diego a few months back. He tells me that he has dated more girls than guys, but he’s really leaning more towards guys now. Gavin loved to show off, and when he discovered the FleshJack, he was VERY excited! It felt so good he had to stop a few times to keep from filling it up! Gavin is versatile when it comes to guys, but said he really likes to get fucked. “It feels so good” he says. “I love a big hard dick in my ass.” He gave the Fleshjack a good workout and said, “If I had one of these I wouldn’t need a boyfriend!” Gavin seems so innocent, but this boy has a wild side that really gets me going. You can tell by the way he plays with his ass that he really wants to get fucked.
Studio: Buzz West
Director: Buzz West
Starring:Gavin Shye


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Private Auditions: Gavin Shye



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