Raw Latin Heat

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Raw Latin Heat
Sterling Johnson and Valentino Fuentes turn up the heat in this raw man on man video from Natural Born Breeders.

Valentino starts by getting the muscular Latino daddy (Sterling) on his knees in their storage garage and suck on his big dick. Sterling wraps his lips around Valentino’s big juicy bone, trying to swallow every inch of it. Valentino helps Sterling out by giving his face a good fucking with his big wet cock.

Valentino goes down on daddy Sterling’s dick, to suck on some daddy dick, himself, for a bit. He’s soon back to fucking Sterling’s mouth with his own big rod, Sterling moaning and drooling as Valentino thrusts into his warm wet mouth.

Valentino gets to work his mouth on Sterling’s cock hungry ass, burying his face and tongue into it, before thrusting his big piece of equipment into him.

These two big, hairy, muscle hunks fuck, hot and sweaty, in the open garage, Valentino’s cock pounding Sterling’s large ass like a big slab of beef. Their big muscled bodies grind against each other in the shed, Sterling and Valentino’s big dicks flopping and fucking in motion (Valentino slamming it in, all the way to the balls). Valentino watches Sterling’s ass bounce, as he fucks it, holding on to his waist.

Valentino gets on his back, so Sterling can squat down over his hard cock and ride him. Sterling rides him like a pro, bouncing up and down, stroking his hard cock, in rhythm with Valentino’s hips, as he thrusts upward into him. Valentino’s cock is hitting all the right spots, and Sterling is ready to shoot his load all over the big hunk. Sterling rides him until he finishes the job, and breeds him with his hot load of cum.


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Raw Latin Heat



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