Raw Leather Demons

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Raw Leather Demons
There’s something intoxicating about that first moment when the head of your cock slips inside a tight, hungry fuck hole, when you see the bottom’s eyes roll back into his head. Or maybe you’re the bottom and the sensation of that hairy hunk you’ve lusted after, sinking the entire length of his throbbing shaft balls deep inside you makes you weak. Lust. Sweat. The smell of sex. Add to that the popper-like effect of sniffing leather and all your inner, sexual demons take over to make you lose control and fuck with wild abandon. Angel Ferrari, Mason Lear, Lion Reed, Sean Knight, Declan Moore, Zachery Rhys, Atlas Grant and Brian Bonds reveal their true nature in…Raw Leather Demons.
Studio: Hairy And Raw


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Raw Leather Demons



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