Raw Payback

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Raw Payback
Each and every resident in a Halfway House has not only made mistakes which have affected them personally, but they have made life hell for those around them, especially family and friends, but also neighbors, law enforcement, and any other number of random strangers they have come across. Well, although our primary job here at the House is rehabilitation, we also take it upon ourselves to make sure the appropriate retribution is doled out. Payback for these dumb fucks is swift, but also quite enjoyable for the punishers. Raw, gaping, swollen holes abound. We make sure that every resident knows who is boss! When they aren’t sucking House Manager dick or taking it up the butt, they are getting slapped around and screamed at. After all, we want them to return to their communities better people. If we get our dicks wet in the meantime, all the better.
Director: Shane Aaron


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Raw Payback



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