Raw Rascals 2

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Raw Rascals 2
Joey Rico has a reputation I am counting on; his thick cock can pound for a long time and his cum is as yummy as candy. This Director’s Cut has both Joey and the cameraman investigating my hole. Clark Kent is always a fun bottom to work with; you can tell when a twink really likes getting fucked.

Vincent is back to do more riding on the cameraman’s cock. Watch from the perspective of the close up camera as Vincent and the Cameraman get in to some raw fucking. Vincent is hungry for the Cameraman’s thick cock, but easily his ass swallows it up and milks the cock while deep inside him.

Andy Richard came in to do a solo after having contacted us and needing to earn some quick cash. What was supposed to be a solo wound up being a hot fuck flick. Andy saddles up on my short fat cock and rides it like a champion rodeo cowboy. Then I flip him over on his back and fuck the shit out of him. Talk about a tight ass! At the end of the scene, Andy is covered in cum from his chest down to his knees! Plus one more hot scene.

Raw Rascals


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Raw Rascals 2



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