Rego Dominates Alex With His Feet

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Rego Dominates Alex With His Feet
Rego isn’t happy with Alex’s workload and calls him into his office to discuss the matter. He tells Alex that he has to let him go, which soon has Alex begging to keep his job. He offers to do anything for the boss, and that means foot worship of course. Rego is down with that, as he loves having his size 9 feet massaged and worshiped by a hot tongue and mouth. He completely dominates Alex, telling him exactly how he likes his feet taken care of. Alex complies with every one of boss Rego’s wishes, soon lapping up the soles of his tasty feet and big toes. Rego can’t help but pull out his big, now hard cock and stroke it to a blissful cum shot. Which soils the bottom of his white dress shirt!
Starring:Rego Bello


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Rego Dominates Alex With His Feet



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