Roberto Girogio, Kyle Hebert, Bill Banx, Jim Sox

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While these two studs were getting naughty in the hot tub, enrobing each other’s tongues and dongs with saliva, two hired hitmen were waiting outside to act on a hit put out on them. But once they saw them blowing each other off, they couldn’t control their passions, and went after each other! They kept watching them and mouthing one another, and when they started blowing, so did the hitmen! They finally decided to join them in getting dripping and boning, and without a word, they were engaged in a raunchy gay foursome. They all took turns mouthing and banging, and then kissed while one guys jerked off. When he blew his load, they continued banging.


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Roberto Girogio, Kyle Hebert, Bill Banx, Jim Sox



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