Rough Lads

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Rough Lads
When it comes to their sexual preferences, these guys don’t do gentle they want it hard, fast and rough as you like! They’ll push you to your knees and jam their cocks as far down your throat as is physically possible, feeling your muscles contracting around their shaft is the turn-on they crave. They’ll dine out on your nipples, chewing and biting until you’re begging them to suck your dick and suck they do, with a gusto that will have you nearly creaming in their mouths. Turning you over, they will spread your ass cheeks and tongue fuck your beautifully tight hole before demanding that you reciprocate and give their male pussies the attention it deserves. Once they have had their fill, be prepared as they bend you over and slide their meaty weapons into your tight tailpipe until they are balls deep and then the grinding will begin and there’ll be no stopping these Rough Lads until they are ready to spurt and spunk all over you! You’ll love it!
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Rough Lads



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