Sam And Gage Double Fuck

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Sam And Gage Double Fuck
Sam and Gage are out in the backyard playing basketball. They’re a bit too loud and they wake up Siouxsie, who’s sleeping in the living room. She’s upset at first and goes out to yell at the guys to keep it down, but when she sees their tight, hot, shirtless bodies, she can’t resist rubbing her pussy. The guys take note and offer up their helping hands. Siouxsie is more than happy to let the guys join in and the three of them make their way back into the living room.

The sweaty jocks don’t waste a second getting Siouxsie undressed as they lick her tits and finger her wet hole. Gage unbuttons his pants and reveals a big throbbing boner that Siouxsie starts sucking immediately. Gage tells Sam that he needs to try her mouth and she turns around to offer up her services to a super hard Sam.

She takes turns servicing both guys before she bends over to let Sam fuck her hard. The studs switch it up Gage takes his turn at bat, filling Siouxsie’s wet hole up with his giant cock. They pull out a giant vibrator and play with her clit as Sam sticks his cock deep inside her asshole. He pounds it to open it up for Gage. Gage slips it deep inside her butt and she begs for both of them inside her at the same time. Sam shoves his hard dick inside her pussy as she takes a cock in each hole!

They ream her holes hard until they pull out and jack their big hard rods as their sexy basketball cheerleader coaxes them on. Gage is the first to blow his thick load and he squirts so far that he even hits his buddy! Sam puts the vibrator on his balls and is the next to shoot his gooey, sticky load. They lick Siouxsie’s tits one last time and grab the ball to head back onto the court.

Starring:Siouxsie Q.


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Sam And Gage Double Fuck



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