Scotty Knox Fucks Eli Lincoln

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Scotty Knox Fucks Eli Lincoln
Summer is here!!! Jack Hunter wanted to get everyone outside and having some fun so he grabs a football and rallies all the ColbyKnox boys outside for some fun. After playing for a while Eli has worked up a bit of sweat and decides to take a seat. Scotty Knox has been watching Eli all day, knowing that today would be the day he makes his move. Recognizing his chance he also takes a break from playing with the boys to spend a little alone time with Eli Lincoln. Doesn’t take long before the two heated up boys make their way indoors to get a little more privacy. Once they are inside Scotty immediately goes for it. He starts stroking Eli’s hair and looking him deep in the eyes then he pulls the back of his head down letting Eli know that he wants his cock sucked. Scotty is a little nervous because he is not sure if this is what Eli will want but he has to take the chance. Eli is happy to help and starts sucking Scotty hard dick right away. Not being content to just suck on it, Eli Lincoln makes it pretty clear to Scotty that he’s going to need that dick in his tight plump bubble butt. Scotty Knox obliges Eli and takes a big wet bite of Eli’s famous cake, plunging his rock hard teenage cock in to Eli with a skill well beyond his years.
Studio: Colby Knox
Director: Colby Knox


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Scotty Knox Fucks Eli Lincoln



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