Scotty’s Dad

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Scotty's Dad
Brendan, Jay, and Teddy are chilling at their friend’s, Scotty’s, place and waiting for him to arrive. The conversation quickly turns into sex banter about their sexual encounters with Scotty in college. All three get really horny and start the action before their friend arrives. They end up sucking off each other and stuff Brendan from both ends. In the meantime, instead of Scotty, it’s his dad who shows up and immediately joins the action in the living room, pulling his rock hard cock out and shoving it into Brendan’s mouth while Jay is face fucking Teddy. The guys then take the action to the bedroom where a hot raw four way fuck fest goes on until the boys cover Scotty’s dad in their loads. This is a scene you don’t want to miss with all hot guy on guy action. Starring Brad Kalvo as Scotty’s Dad.

Director: Brad Kalvo


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Scotty’s Dad



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