Screen Test 35

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Screen Test 35
Peter Lipnik’s Screentest has him paired with Martin Hovor. Peter is relaxing on the sofa when Martin arrives. Martin lays on top of Peter, kissing and caressing him. Then Peter sits up and they kiss some more. Martin helps Peter take off his tee shirt. Then his own is removed too. Martin’s pants are bulging and soon they come down to give Peter access to the stiff cock. Peter’s hot mouth envelopes the cock sucking on it as Martin moans with pleasure.

Rudolf Poper is a very sexy newcomer. In this scene he gets his cherry busted by Petr Zuska. They relax on the bed as Petr chats with Rudolf, asking whether he has ever done anything with a guy. Rudolf hasn’t but is prepared to try, after a bit of coaxing. As they kiss Petr rubs a hand all over Rudolf. He lays Rudolf down and helps him off with his jeans and underwear. Then Petr gets to work on Rudolf’s cock, quickly getting it nice and hard as he wanks and sucks it. It is a big, thick, cock and Petr sucks it well. Having sucked the cock for a while Petr gets his own stiff dick out and feeds it into Rudlfs mouth.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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Screen Test 35



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