Screen Test 36

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Screen Test 36
Ivan Sabado is a very good looking straight guy who was up for a screen test, so we paired him with Dusan Polanek. They sit and chat for a while when Dusan offers some help to Ivan with an injury he suffered playing handball. Ivan takes off his tee shirt and lays on his belly. Dusan straddles him and begins to massage his back. Then he turns Ivan over and rubs his hands all over his chest. In the process Ivan’s cock stiffens and pokes out of his jeans. Dusan rubs it the then wanks it. He then goes down to suck on the hard cock, slapping it against his tongue in the process. His mouth works on Ivan’s rock hard cock, Then Dusan removes Ivan’s jeans and raises his legs to expose his tight ass hole. Dusan rubs his hand over the sexy hole before leaning forward to rim it. He keeps rimming the hole, and rubbing his fingers over it. As he plays with the hole he also wanks on Ivan’s cock. Then he dips a finger into the tight hole and goes back down on the cock. His finger fucks Ivan’s ass as he keeps sucking on his cock. Then Dusan stands and gets naked and positions his ass over Ivan’s dick. He slides his ass down onto the cock and starts to ride up and down on it. His own cock is nice and hard and bobs up and down as he rides Ivan’s. He takes hold of his own cock and wanks it as Ivan fucks his tight ass. Ivan fucks that ass deep as Dusan’s wanking speeds up. With his cock rock hard and Ivan’s deep in his hole Dusan shoots his creamy load. He rides that dick some more before dismounting. Then he takes hold of Ivan’s cock and wanks it until it releases a big, creamy, cumshot all over the sexy body. Then Dusan takes Ivan off to the shower to clean up.

Plus 2 more hot scenes.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


Screen Test 36



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