Screen Test 37

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Screen Test 37
Oleg Makarov’s screen test sees him paired with Dusan Polanek. He is sitting on the sofa when Dusan arrives and they have a chat. As they chat about sex Oleg says he would like to try something with a guy. Then the two start kissing each other. Oleg removes Dusan’s tee shirt and then the favor is returned.

Adam Nezval’s screen test starts with him joining Igor Tapak on the bed and chatting to him for a while. He explains that he is single and wants to try new things. He is ok with Igor rubbing his leg and then leaning over to kiss him. Igor rubs Adam’s crotch as they kiss and them he helps him off with his tee shirt. Igor kisses Adam’s bare chest and continues rubbing his crotch.

Niko Kadera is paired, for his screen test, with Petr Lipnik. He is sitting on the bed as Petr arrives. Petr joins him on the bed and they chat for a while, about sex. They then begin to kiss each other, and they both get bare chested. Niko enjoys the kissing and is soon kneeling over Petr kissing his chest and nipples. He gropes Petr’s groin and pulls down his jeans, releasing a nice hard cock.

Studio: William Higgins
Director: William Higgins


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Screen Test 37



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