Serviced 18 Part 2

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Serviced 18 Part 2
Broderick and Glenn do a side-by-side jerk-off. Glenn is a pro at this, while Broderick, despite having some filming experience, seems pretty intent on watching the TV. He looks very tense, and Glenn actually thought this was his first time filming. Broderick watches the porn playing, and he really isn’t having any troubles staying hard, he just is fixated on it like he is playing a video game. Glenn just blithely moves forward and slides down and sucks his cock. Broderick loses a little of his attention on the porn, but just barely. Well, at least he was staying hard!

After watching the interview at the beginning of Addison’s solo, I think it was a no-brainer that he would be back to do oral. And not just receive it! He did have to think about, but was back to suck dick the very next day. I think Addison was more eager to suck dick then he was to receive head, so I had two eager cock suckers ready to go!

Dorian is back to give a guy some proper head! Nathan did get a little nervous to start with, but Dorian works his cock smoothly to full mass in no time. Nathan was really impressed with Dorian’s skills. His cock has a lot of give to it, so Dorian was able to suck it in all kinds of angles. Nathan even got a little verbal during the video and pretty much just kicks back watching Dorian suck his cock.

I am pretty sure I mentioned Blu should win the 2014 “Dirty Talking Award” He sure does love getting his dick sucked, and you can tell he has a lot of practice egging a girl on to suck his cock juuuuust the right way! It’s even under his breath, as if someone might hear him in the room next door! Very sexy! Noah gets to show-off his cock-sucking skills by taking Blu from totally flaccid to full-on boner. The gentlest of licks woke his cock up! And Blu was so into it! I don’t think he looked once at the porn playing for him.

Studio: Chaosmen


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Serviced 18 Part 2



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