Serviced 18

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Serviced 18
Two words! THROAT FUCKING! Ok, so I have more than two words, but that about sums this video up. Not only is the oral amazing, but these two are REALLY kissing each other. Jeremiah pulls him for a quick kiss, then it becomes a full on mac session! They follow each intense round of face-fucking with some deep hot kissing! Griffin can take a cock deep down his throat, and Jeremiah took full advantage of his ability.

Griffin really has gotten a workout this week! Let’s all take a moment and bow down to his cock sucking skills! And swallowing Duncan’s cock was no easy task, though I think Griffin makes it look easy! I love how these guys are so impressed with his deep throat skills. Duncan is so fun to watch getting his cock sucked. He is so expressive! He rolls his eyes into the back of his head, and then he throws his head back in ecstasy, and basically squirms through this his Servicing. He is so fun to watch.

You can tell Pax is used to sitting back and being serviced. Griffin started-off knowing this information, so he began sucking a little more confident than he should have. Pax was hard, but quickly lost his bone. I think Pax likes his guys feminine, or as close to girls as possible, and with Griffin’s beard, it kind of threw him a little. So Griffin had to switch to hand-job mode to get him back to be solid. But once he got him back to being hard, Griffin got that monster cock all the way down his throat. Pax hardly looked at the porn once Griffin had his technique figured out.

Charlie seemed eager to suck dick instead of having his own cock Serviced. With Glenn in the room, who could blame him!? I thought I would take advantage of Charlie’s diminutive size and get Glenn high enough so his cock was right at face level. Worked out perfectly! Charlie was able to stand and service Glenn’s big ‘ole cock!

Studio: Chaosmen


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Serviced 18



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