Shawn Reeve Tied Up And Tickled

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Shawn Reeve Tied Up And Tickled
I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long before I had 6’3″ tall hunk Shawn Reeve tied up so I could tickle him and I was very right. Shawn agreed to try it out and while he said that he is ticklish at certain times, I found out that he’s ticklish period. I had barely touched Shawn while he was bound to the MFF tickle chair before he started to squirm and giggle. By the time I had him naked, running an electric toothbrush over his armpits, cock, balls, abdomen and size 13 feet Shawn was giggling his ass off and trying to get free of his bondage!
Starring:Shawn Reeves


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Shawn Reeve Tied Up And Tickled



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