Shawn Reeve Worshiped By Dominic

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Shawn Reeve Worshiped By Dominic
Dominic Pacifico is very bold. It’s a good thing Shawn Reeve was into being foot worshiped because Dominic followed him from the gym and made his way into his home. Shawn wasn’t impressed at all, until Dominic had his mouth on his toes. Dominic admitted right away how much he had been admiring Shawn’s size 12 feet at the gym, a look of pleading in his eyes. Pleading to worship Shawn’s sweaty, smelly feet. Shawn was dominant right from the start, sticking his feet right up to Dominic’s face on the couch and ordering him to do whatever he desired. By the time Dominic had Shawn’s bare size 12’s in his face he was stroking his cock and orally loving Shawn’s recently gym-worked feet like the foot fetish freak he is. Feet that were just fresh from a 2 hour gym session. A pair of feet that soon had Dominic Pacifico’s cum all over them!


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Shawn Reeve Worshiped By Dominic



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