Shoot My Load

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Shoot My Load
Michael Nolan is well known to fans of Gemini; he’s appeared in many videos using toys and topping and bottoming. This is a quick shoot that was shot because he wanted to jack off with a toy. He stripped, went into the bathroom and shoved an anal probe deep in his ass. But he wants his old favorite, the red butt plug for the duration of the steamy shower. He also jacks off while he’s “plugged in”. He shoots his load in his hand with such intensity that the plug shoots out his ass!

Isaiah is an 18 year old Latino with a big thick dick. His smooth olive skin is like velvet and his smile is shy and innocent. Since this was his audition shoot, we get to hear his initial interview where we find out a lot about this young guy, who was brought in by his neighbor, Michael Nolan. After hearing about his limited sex history (he’s only 18!) Mark gets him to strip and show off his lean body. We see every inch including his little pink virgin butt. He jacks off and shoots on his belly and eats! We get one more great look at his little tight hole and fade to black. Fans of Gemini will know he went on to do a hell of a flip with Austin in JackBuddies 100.

Andrew is one sexy dude and this is an early shoot before he had done any toys or gotten fucked. He still has a bit of a thug attitude which masks his uncertainty and trepidation. He takes off his board shorts and shows us his ass. Getting a straight guy comfortable showing his hole is a key element in Marks training of these men and Andrew is loosening up, pun intended! When he’s naked, his big, thick cock is hard and his huge balls are full of cum. He relieves them by shooting in his hand. Marks tells him to eat it and he refuses saving that for a later shoot!

Studio: Gemini Studios
Director: Mark Gemini


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Shoot My Load



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