Show Me Your Moves

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Show Me Your Moves
Connor Halsted tells Michael Del Ray they are hiring a go-go dancer at his work. He thinks he’d be good, but
Connor is not sure about it. Michael convinces him to let him audition. As soon as the music comes on, Michael’s
clothes come off. Connor wants to sample the wares, so he grabs Michael’s cock through his underwear and pulls
it out. Waking up before his bunkmate, Steve Rogers notices Allen Lucas’ ass is exposed and looking prime for a
fucking. Stroking his cock, Steve gets nice and hard thinking about his hole, as he uses Allen’s sleeping hand to
jerk himself off. Stirring awake, Allen lets him know he’s in for a surprise. Jonah Marx decides it’s safe to watch a
little porn and relieve some stress but he gets cut by his step-brother, Chris Blades. Sharing the same secrets as
him, Chris goes down on Jonah. Markie More catches a glimpse of a guy with a nice sized cock and asks his
buddies Johnny Hill and Pheonix Fellington if they can see how big it is. Phoenix is less impressed, and instantly
draws skepticism from his two bros. The only way to solve the dilemma is to go back to their flat to compare
their own dick.
Director: Rocco Fallon


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Show Me Your Moves



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