ShowGuys 451: Dallas Reeves And Griffin Dirk

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ShowGuys 451: Dallas Reeves And Griffin Dirk
Beautiful, blond Dallas Reeves is back with a brand new partner, sexy Griffin Dirk, who is doing only his second gay porn scene. Griffin wastes no time getting Dallas’ shirt off, and kisses up and down the gorgeous torso. Griffin removes Dallas’ very colorful underwear, revealing an already rock hard, perfect cock.

Dallas pulls Griffin’s legs in the air, and starts sucking his dick while sticking a finger up his ass, eliciting moans of pleasure from Griffin. Dallas gets on his hands and knees, and Griffin spreads his cheeks and shows us the hot hole, then sticks his tongue in. Dallas turns around, as always hard as a rock, and Griffin goes back to deep-throating him. Griffin gets on top and Dallas’s cock rides up and down Griffin’s ass crack, then the guys sixty-nine.

But it’s time to start the fucking. So Dallas puts on a condom, Griffin chooses to start on his back, and Dallas enters him in the missionary position. Dallas’ dick is soon buried up Griffin’s ass, and he starts thrusting in and out, causing Griffin to moan in pleasure. Dallas lies on his back, Griffin gets on top with his back to the camera, and lowers himself on the steel like cock.

And now it’s Griffin doing the bouncing, but Dallas puts his knees up and starts pushing up into Griffin. Griffin’s moans get louder. He turns around, sits back down, and we get the frog, giving great penetration shots. Griffin lies back on Dallas, and they roll into the spoon. And Dallas’ rock hard dick keeps punishing Griffin’s hole.

They take a break, but Dallas soon re-condoms, Griffin bends over the rail, and Dallas enters him from behind. Finally the studs lie beside each other and jerk off. And soon Dallas shoots all over Griffin, and when Griffin feels Dallas’ hot cum hit him, he lets go of his own load. They get on their knees, (Dallas is still hard as steel), kiss one last time, and wave goodbye.

Studio: ShowGuys
Director: Sam Linnell


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ShowGuys 451: Dallas Reeves And Griffin Dirk



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