ShowGuys 452: Matthew James And Matt Hyland

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ShowGuys 452: Matthew James And Matt Hyland
Matt Hyland and his huge cock are paying a visit to South Florida, and it was a natural to put him with Matthew James and his huge cock. After some banter, the studs get down to kissing and messing around. Matthew pulls Matt’s dick out of his shorts, and starts sucking it, which results in it rising to its full potential. Matthew gets naked, already hard, and the guys put their huge matching dicks together, and pose. Matt goes down on Matthew, while Matthew plays with Matt’s cock. Then Matthew sucks Matt some more, then they pose again. Matthew lies down, Matt gets on top, and they sixty-nine. Matt pulls Matthew’s legs in the air and sticks his tongue into the exposed hole. They come around, and now we see Matthew giving Matt a very thorough rimming, then Matt fucks Matthew’s mouth. So Matthew puts on a condom, Matt gets on his hands and knees, Matthew enters him doggie-style, and starts thrusting, slowly at first, but getting faster and faster. Matt’s moans fill the studio. They bring their asses towards the camera, and we get incredible penetration shots, Matthew driving in and out of Matt’s ass like a pile driver. Matthew lies down on Matt, and they roll into the spoon position. But now Matt puts on a condom, and Matthew sits on his dick and starts bouncing. They roll over so Matthew is on his back, and Matt pounds into him in the missionary position. After a short break, Matthew once more puts on a condom, lies on his back, and Matt sits on him facing the camera, giving us the frog. And Matt announces he is about to shoot. So while Matthew is driving up into him, Matt jerks his dick and soon explodes in a geyser of cum. And now Matthew jerks himself until he shoots his own huge load all over himself. The two studs get on their knees, kiss one last time, and the meeting of the monster cocks is deemed a success.
Studio: ShowGuys
Director: Sam Linnell


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ShowGuys 452: Matthew James And Matt Hyland



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