Showguys 496: Jonathan Blue And Felipe Carson With A Cameo By Logan

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Showguys 496: Jonathan Blue And Felipe Carson With A Cameo By Logan
Jonathan Blue and Felipe Carson are two incredibly hung hunks meeting for the first time. They start with heavy kissing, then they get each other out of their shirts. Jonathan pulls Felipe s shorts down showing us a very hot ass, then Felipe gets rid of Jonathan’s shorts revealing his long, thick and already hard cock. In fact both guys have enormous erections. Felipe goes on his knees and inhales Jonathan s huge weapon. They reverse positions and Jonathan sucks Felipe, using his lips and tongue on Felipe’s foreskin.

Jonathan turns Felipe around and plays with his ass, then they get on their knees, and Felipe continues sucking on Jonathan. They show off their asses to the camera, then they sixty-nine. Felipe straddles Jonathan’s head, and fucks his face, then sucks Jonathan s balls. And suddenly Logan, who has been manning the computer, comes into the scene, already naked, and the three guys play with each others cocks.

Logan stands up and Jonathan and Felipe work on hi s dick with their mouths, then Logan goes on his knees and sucks the other two. Logan goes back to the computer and Jonathan and Felipe get ready to fuck. Jonathan lies down, Felipe sits on him with his back to the camera, and his mighty weapon impales Felipe. Felipe turns around and we get the frog. Felipe’s dick is like a piece of iron.

They roll into the spoon, giving us incredible penetration shots, and Logan returns, and sucks Felipe while Jonathan is fucking him. Jonathan next plows Felipe in the missionary position, then we get some doggie style. Finally they get on their knees and jerk off. Jonathan shoots first, a huge spurting load, soon followed by Felipe’s own gushing explosion. One more kiss, one more dick shot, and a great scene ends.

Studio: ShowGuys
Director: Sam Linnell


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Showguys 496: Jonathan Blue And Felipe Carson With A Cameo By Logan



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